How does Equinom’s technology differ from other methods that also use data sequencing to detect quantitative traits?

While practiced methods such as Genomic Selection or Genome Wide Association studies are designed to predict a single trait, Equinom is the only technology which facilitates prediction of the combined performance of multiple traits in a single product variety. We take advantage of the dramatic decline in the cost of DNA sequencing over the past decade, and use it as a central and integral part of our modern breeding methodology instead of just as a supplement for the research processes.

Can Equinom breed any combination of traits?

Generally speaking the answer is YES. However, several preconditions must apply:

1. Traits must exist in nature

2. Traits need to be defined very accurately by our customer

3. Traits can be measured in a high throughput process

4. There is a high heritability factor

5. Breeding must take place an the location where crops are intended to grow

What levels of pea protein are you able to achieve in peas?

Equinom has existing lines with over 30% protein. Based on our progress and protein levels observed in nature, we expect these levels to increase significantly in our future lines.

Does Equinom also breed other food products?

Equinom has successfully bred commercial seeds for peppers and quinoa, but our current focus is on our sesame seeds for oil and confectionary, and plant protein. We are also interested in developing new markets, mainly opportunities involving crops that have a current market value of $1-10B.