Webinar - Meat Alternatives: The Art and Science Behind Breeding for Organoleptic Enhancement

In this free webinar, the featured speakers will provide current insights into the plant-based protein market, discuss why plant protein is the best solution for sustainable meat alternatives and demonstrate how Equinom can optimize and enhance plant-based protein products.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Insights into the plant-based protein market
  • Challenges faced by food manufacturers and supply chain
  • Equinom’s technologies to enhance and optimize plant protein
  • Equinom’s unique food application methods: advanced biochemistry analysis and electronic sensing systems
  • The future of plant-based meat alternatives with Equinom’s solutions

Watch the recorded webinar here.


Itay Dana
Itay Dana

VP of Marketing, Equinom

tay Dana plans and executes strategies, tactics and programs to generate awareness of, and interest in Equinom – to promote product demand. He cultivates partnerships and marketing channels for Equinom’s innovative product portfolio. Dana’s expertise in agri-tech includes roles as Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development at Lycored, where he led technology scouting, partnership programs and marketing. He was also Head of Food Innovation at Galam Group, as well as CTO and QA Manager at Cham Foods. Dana earned his BSc in biotechnology and food engineering and his master’s degree in business administration.

Avinoam Lerer
Avinoam Lerer

Food Applications Manager

In his current position as Food Applications Manager at Equinom, Avinoam is responsible for characterizing the functional properties of food seeds for source ingredients and adapting them to tailored food applications for the food industry. Before joining Equinom, Avinoam worked as a Quality Technologist at Tnuva Dairy, one of the leading dairy companies in Israel. Avinoam also served as a Quality Assurance Technologist in a factory for the production of fresh pasta. Avinoam earned his B.Sc.Agr in Biochemistry and Food Science from the Hebrew university

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