Israel / U.S.

Data Scientist

Equinom seeks a data scientist to lead the development of the next generation of advanced analytics to accelerate the development of seed products optimized for field performance and value-added quality traits.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop prototype level research for predictive seed product discovery consuming diverse high-throughput data sets from the field, genomics, and biochemistry laboratories.
  • Bring data science perspective to value-added seed product development through experimental design and algorithms development.
  • Play a leading role in guiding colleagues in breeding, agronomy, genomics, and biochemistry in applying Bayesian and machine learning tools for accelerating the development of value-added seed products.
  • Plan experiments to generate new datasets for application in predictive breeding for enhancing the nutritional quality in multiple crops.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of automated procedures for analyzing data and delivering products for increased efficiency and accuracy of breeding programs.


  • Ph.D. in Quantitative Genetics, Computational Biology, Plant Breeding, or relevant fields.
  • Proven ability to handle disparate data sets in both structured and unstructured formats related to genomics, breeding and food biochemistry.
  • Proven experience developing and applying advanced analytic methods in an industry breeding setting.
  • Direct experience in analyzing complex and diverse datasets that aid product development.
  • Proficient in applying advanced deep/machine learning AI analytics (CNN, NLP, Clustering, RF, SVM, etc.) and deep learning frameworks.
  • Proficient in programming languages (Python, R, etc.) and experience in applying visualization tools (Tableau, QlikView, Spark, Kafka, etc.).