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Equinom's grower incentive program.

When you do well, we do well, and we like to share our good fortune. This is why we have introduced a grower incentive program that rewards you for reaching your highest potential yield.
Plant Equinom Sesame, yield well, and receive free seeds the following year. For the acres that qualify in 2021:
  • If you average 800 lbs. per acre, you will receive 0.5 lbs. per acre of free seeds next year.
  • If you average 1600 lbs. per acre, you will receive 1 lbs. per acre for free for next year.
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Equinom's insured seed program:
Plant with confidence!

We normally offer a generous replant program for replanting in the current year. However, we realize you have more choices of crops to plant this year, and it is uncertain how any crop will perform if planted late. To help you decide, we are offering the Equinom Insured Seed Program.

To qualify, plant a minimum of 500 acres of Equinom's Smarter Sesame in 2021. If the crop fails
due to weather (drought, hail, hurricane, flooding, etc.), Equinom will give you the equivalent amount of seed for free for the 2022 planting season. To be considered a failed harvest, the average yield needs to be less than 300 lbs. per acre. All planting, yields and non-harvested fields need to be confirmed by Equinom.

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