Creating Ingredients with Taste and Appeal

Two-thirds of grain production worldwide is destined for feed and biofuel, driven by carbs and yield. Equinom has seized the moment to design crops for foods that truly satisfy consumer appetites for taste and indulge their senses with appealing textures and aromas.
Burger from top view
Tofu Cubes

The Trend

Social, environmental and economic influences and evolving consumer trends are recasting “fads” as “the future,” thus sparking radical transformation in the global food industry. Plant-based foods are dominating the scene, enticing modern-day consumers whose strong ethics greatly influence purchasing decisions.


With a passion for creating healthier function-rich, non-GMO foods with consumer needs at heart, Equinom is redesigning plant-based foods at the source – the seed. We are reviving characteristics that were lost to industrial breeding, alluring consumers with foods’ true potential. We also design and tailor solutions to the food industry, inside out.
Equinom Product Profiler app

Simulating bred seed performance

The Product Profiler lets food companies select their grain of choice from an extensive bank of traits, matching the distinct nutritional profile, composition and functional characteristics they require.
Food quality

Seed characteristic analyzer

Our labs analyze existing and breeding seeds to determine their specific traits, parameters that help industry players evaluate seed potential.
Food lab

Seed insights

Equinom delivers strategic advantage to the food industry by assessing and predicting the potential value of individual grains based on their characteristics.