Perfecting the pea: GoodMills collaborates with Equinom

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Seed-breeding specialist Equinom uses AI to create a unique Yellow Pea variant with defined sensory properties for contemporary, plant-based food concepts

Following its aim to actively drive and shape the plant-based market with innovative ingredients, GoodMills has announced a new collaboration with Equinom. The Israel-based, plant tech company creates new seed varieties using patented AI-driven breeding technology and, by harnessing the natural diversity in crops, no gene editing or modification is required. For GoodMills, Equinom will research how best to crossbreed Yellow Pea seeds to achieve a tailored raw material with outstanding sensory properties: The ingredients derived from it are expected to be without off-flavours and provide ideal protein composition for an outstanding texture in finished products such as meat and dairy alternatives as well as pasta.

With the plant-based market currently experiencing a phenomenal boom, legumes are celebrating a real comeback. According to Markets and Markets, “the global pea protein market size is projected to grow from USD 745 million in 2020 to USD 1,400 million by 2025, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5% during the forecast period”.[1]

GoodMills has been active in the field of plant-based proteins for decades and, accordingly, already provides the industry with state-of-the art ingredients. However, particularly with peas, there is still some scope when it comes to the further development of organoleptic properties. Michael Gusko, Global Innovation Director at GoodMillsX– GoodMills Group’s innovation task force, says: “In Equinom, we’ve found a partner with whom we can get to the heart of this challenge – by creating our own perfect raw material. As the two leading innovators in our fields, we’re always looking for inventive yet natural solutions, and we share the same passion: creating a sustainable, plant-based future.”

Equinom creates superior seeds naturally by crossbreeding exotic, ancient and modern varieties. Utilising its abundant seed bank, Equinom employs computer-based breeding and traditional genomic technologies to predict and simulate new varieties. This matchmaking process speeds up and perfects the breeding.


Rick Mignella, EVP & Managing Director, North America at Equinom says: “Our aim is to drive the global creation of truly healthy, appealing and sustainable non-GMO foods which are affordable to the masses. We are always happy to partner with passionate companies who are doing their bit to help future-proof the planet through plant-based innovations. We are confident that we’ll soon enable GoodMills to serve the market with a novel Yellow Pea-based ingredient that will make sustainable and delicious plant-based food more widely accessible.”


Once the tailored Yellow Pea variant has been developed, different subsidiaries of the GoodMills Group will profit from it: GoodMills Innovation, leading supplier of plant-based texturates based on wheat and legumes, will use it to expand its portfolio of texturates. Müller’s Mühle, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of dried legumes and leader in legumes refinement, will extend its portfolio of legume flours that are ideal as a base for meat, pasta and dairy replacements, and for use as a high-protein ingredient in drinks, snacks, breakfast cereals, baked goods and pasta.



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About Equinom

Equinom is a plant-based nutrition company that develops new non-GMO varieties of novel grains to create higher quality ingredients for innovative plant-based foods. Founded with a mission to bring back cultivation of ingredients for human consumption, Equinom is unlocking new opportunities using the most advanced technologies to revive the quality and genomic diversity in food crops that have been lost for a century.



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