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Equinom has redefined tasty nutrition, opening up a world of plant-based possibilities.
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Empowering food manufacturers from seed to table

Imagine a world...

Envision all-natural ingredients that don’t require processing – by nature, the source seeds do the hard work for you. Visualize expediting production and speeding your products to consumer shelves. Vividly picture that consumers rave about your products’ appeal, high protein and nutritious clean labels.

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The ingredients for the 21st century

Welcome to a radical new reality

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The seed industry

Source seeds are bred for animal feed

Seed breeding is driven by yield and carb content
Seeds for human food are mostly GMO and gene-edited
Food production is complex and expensive
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Equinom’s Smarter Seeds

Source seeds are bred for human nutrition

Seeds are bred for quality characteristics – without compromising on yield
Seeds are nature’s finest – non-GMO and not gene-edited
Food production is quick and cost effective
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The sky’s the limit for food manufacturers

Dream big with Equinom

Work with Equinom to envision your clean label plant-based food of the future. Equinom’s signature AI-driven breeding creates the superior-quality seed ingredient you need to make your food a reality.
Breed in the characteristics you’ve always wanted. Breed out the qualities that don’t add value. Get production-ready ingredients to slash processing effort and cost.
The AI-driven breeding innovation for the plant-based generation

Success breeds success

Smarter Pea, Roquette’s Pea Protein Strategy Centerpiece

Roquette is satisfying surging demand for natural plant-based nutrition using Equinom’s high-quality protein-rich pea. Durable seed cultivation is expanding opportunities, putting Roquette closer to source growers and customers and expediting delivery.

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Pepsico Subsidiary Sabra Gets the Ideal Tahini Sesame

U.S.-based Sabra called on Equinom to breed sesame seeds with perfect flavor and texture for tahini, a dominant ingredient in hummus. With Equinom’s gold standard sesame, Sabra now produces authentic tahini inexpensively and sustainably.

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Perfecting the Pea for Europe's Largest Milling Company

Driven to optimize the consumer sensory experience, industry innovators Equinom and GoodMills are creating the ideal yellow pea, featuring indulgent organoleptic properties. The products derived from the protein-rich Equinom variety will deliver superior texture and be free from off-flavors.

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Dipasa and Equinom Team Up to Develop a Sesame Concentrate Packed with 65-70% protein

Equinom and global sesame powerhouse, Dipasa, are developing and marketing the first-ever high-protein sesame seed and functional ingredient that rivals plant-based proteins. Sesame concentrate, made from Smarter Sesame Protein, will boast an unprecedented 65-70% protein.

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Equinom is launching the new era of
opportunity and profitability

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Achieving global prominence

Equinom’s milestones on the path to worldwide market penetration

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Operating in 6
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100,00 acres grown worldwide
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Tens of millions in contracts with global leaders
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Pea Seed
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