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Equinom is redefining what’s possible – with natural plant proteins that are more delicious, nutritious, affordable – and earth friendly, too.
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We’re leading the plant-based revolution: Non-GMO ingredients – as nature intended

Nutritious Plant-based eating is here to stay

Equinom is helping ensure the supply of alternative proteins for a delicious future

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The Challenge: The shift to plant-based eating is driving huge demand for alternative proteins, but supply is short because most crops were developed for animal feed, not human-grade food.
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Good news: Equinom is partnering with food and ingredient companies worldwide to tackle this shortage by developing superior plant-based ingredients in plentiful supply.
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Welcome to a new era of more satisfying and nutritious plant-based food.

Equinom offers a whole new breed of ingredients – designed at the source with the end product in mind.
Custom ingredients eliminate much of the trial and error in the product formulation process, so food companies can dream bigger than ever before and develop great-tasting products in record time. 

Great partnerships for a bright future

Roquette introduces a wealth of pea-based protein possibilities

Roquette is satisfying surging demand for natural plant-based nutrition using high-quality, protein-rich Equinom peas.

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PepsiCo/Sabra gold-standard sesame for hummus

Sabra sought out Equinom to develop high-quality sesame paste that is creamy, delicious and sourced locally for their authentic hummus.

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Europe’s leading miller upgrades pea protein

Equinom and GoodMills are co-creating protein-rich yellow pea ingredients with indulgent taste and texture for next-gen meat and dairy alternatives.

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Meatless Farm delivers more sustainable protein-rich foods

With 70% protein, Equinom pea concentrate requires minimal processing, ideal for delicious plant-based products with lower carbon footprints.

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