Seeds that redefine
great food

Equinom is positioned to be the premier worldwide source of superior plant-based protein and nutritious crop varieties – breeding non-GMO golden-trait seeds.
Pea Seed
A pea seed sprout
Yellow Pea Flower
pea pod
Yellow pea grains

Powerful Breeding Technology

Equinom integrates proprietary cutting-edge computational science with a data-driven breeding method to design golden-trait seeds twice as fast and with ten times the accuracy of traditional methods.

Smarter Seeds: Redefining performance

Equinom’s Smarter Sesame and Smarter Protein legumes satisfy the true needs of plant-based consumers and food companies for superior nutrition, function and organoleptics.

Launching the new era of opportunity and profitability

Stakeholders throughout the supply chain are reaping the value of Equinom’s designer seeds and synergistic business model – for compelling market opportunities. Equinom is inspiring a new world of mutually beneficial partnerships and revenue sources, creating a demand-driven market from “fork to field.”
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Quality specs

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Greater appeal

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Increased variety

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Boosted profitability

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Easier cultivation

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Simplified processing

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Improved price performance

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Expanding globally

Equinom has achieved substantial milestones on the path to worldwide market penetration.
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Operating in 10 Prominent Countries
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80K Growing Acres
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Tens of Millions of Dollars Contracted with Global Leaders
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Working with 12 Major Grain Handlers

Executive team

Meet Equinom’s leadership: seasoned professionals with the vision to see the future and the strategies and tactics to make it happen.
Gil Shalev, PhD
Gil Shalev, PhD

Founder & CEO

Oswald Crasta, PhD
Oswald Crasta, PhD

VP, Research & Development

Oron Gar, PhD
Oron Gar, PhD

VP, Product Management

Tsipi Kagan
Tsipi Kagan


Itai Bichler
Itai Bichler


Rick Mignella
Rick Mignella

EVP & Managing Director, North America

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