Will one brand transform food with non-GMO smarter seeds?

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The world is searching for practical, quality, environmentally friendly foods to sustain the growing population and satisfy surging demand. Food Matters Live Award winner Equinom is paving the way, strategically breeding non-GMO, non-gene edited smarter seeds with super-traits: superior nutrition, improved functionality, enhanced organoleptics and robust yield – for a healthy, nutritious and sustainable food future.

In this episode of the Table Talk Podcast we speak to Equinom Founder and CEO Gil Shalev to find out how they’re using science and innovation to create smarter seeds. What are the challenges they’ve faced and what are the opportunities they see for seeds that can support healthy plant-based eating? Join host Stefan Gates to find out.

About Gil Shalev, Founder & CEO, Equinom

Founder and CEO, Gil Shalev, is the driving force behind food-tech seed innovator, Equinom. He earned his Ph.D. in plant genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Agriculture and has expertise in plant genomics and breeding. Gil’s scientific achievements include developing an integrated sequencing technology for breeding and discovering new genes and gene combinations in numerous plants.

Gil has positioned Equinom to be a trailblazer in non-GMO seeds to enable global supply chains to provide food companies with grain varieties that precisely meet each application’s functional needs.

Listen to the podcast here.

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