Enhancing Profits and Optimizing Farm Potential Around the Globe with non-GMO Smarter Sesame

Smarter Sesame can be grown throughout the Sun Belt

Smarter Sesame has been growing across 100,000 acres in Texas and Oklahoma since 2018 and across 6 continents around the globe!
Sesame Plant
Yields up to
pounds per acre
Earn up to
net profit per acre!
Sesame Stories

Brady Sidwell

Brady Sidwell from Enterprise Grain reveals a new crop on the block – Smarter Sesame.
Sesame Stories

Nathan Verstuyft

Nathan Verstuyft, a farmer from Batesville, Texas, discusses the advances in modern farming and touches on some of the challenges faced by farmers in South Texas.
Sesame Stories

Lynn & Travis Johnson

Lynn Johnson and his nephew, Travis Johnson, farmers from Sebastian, Texas, share their experience with Smarter Sesame.
Sesame Stories

Jeff Yost

Jeff Yost, a farmer from Omega, Oklahoma, shares his joy of raising a family on a farm, his passion for growing crops and his experience with Smarter Sesame.
Sesame Stories

Tom Pressgrove

Tom Pressgrove from NorAg, showcases Smarter Sesame at the Stillwater, Oklahoma, NorAg facility.
Sesame Stories

Tyrone Wilson

Tyrone Wilson from Jlee Co talks Smarter Sesame at the Jlee Co facility in Hennessey, Oklahoma.
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Lior Peleg
Lior Peleg

VP Sesame Business Unit

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Rodrigo Franklin

Sales Support Agronomist

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Nimrod Bardanov

Sesame Product Manager

Itay Zemach, PhD
Itay Zemach, PhD

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Profitability of Smarter Sesame versus sorghum and cotton

Projected profit per acre ($)
Smarter Sesame

Sesame: A booming market

The global sesame market is worth almost $10 billion, with a 7% annual growth rate. Yes, sesame. Sprinkled on your hamburger bun, served in snacks like hummus, used as a cooking oil and found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, sesame is a diverse crop with high value.

Demand for sesame continues to outpace supply, making this ancient seed an attractive prospect. And with the numerous advantages of Smarter Sesame over traditional sesame, now is the time to seriously consider including this crop in your rotation

Equinom: Breeding high-yield sesame to perfection

Unlocking true seed potential, Equinom designs Smarter Sesame varieties by combining the best of what nature has to offer: nutrition and function along with cultivation versatility and durability.

Breakthrough Equinom sesame varieties boast more stems, more nodes and more pods, packing more seeds and resulting in yields never before achieved with dehiscent sesame.

Key Smarter Sesame advantages

Minimal inputs Icon
Uses less nitrogen and phosphorus than other crops in the region.
Versatile icon
Ideal for dryland operation and thrives under irrigation.
High yielding icon
High yielding
Yields up to 2,200 lbs. per acre.
Efficient Icon
Seed rate of one pound per acre is all you need.
Improves soil health Icon
Improves soil health
Sesame residue protects soil from erosion and improves soil tilth.
Late season crop Icon
Late season crop
Can be grown after abandoned wheat or cotton.
No new investment
No new investment
Common grain planting and mechanical harvesting equipment will work for Smarter Sesame.
Expert support
You are never alone. Equinom sesame agronomy experts will guide you every step of the way.

All you need to start cultivating Smarter Sesame

Weed-free dryland or irrigated field
Conventional planting equipment
Standard grain combine
Smarter Sesame seeds


What equipment will I need to get started?
Conventional planting equipment with plates for small seeds and accurate depth control, along with a conventional grain combine
How many days does it take to grow sesame – from planting to harvest?
Sesame takes about 120–150 days to grow, depending on the variety and growing conditions.
How long does it take for Smarter Sesame to germinate?
Smarter Sesame emerges approximately 3–8 days after planting. Exact emergence can vary, depending on planting depth, soil temperature and moisture.
What yields can I expect?
On dryland, you can expect an average yield of 800 lbs. per acre. On irrigated land, you can expect an average yield of 1,500 lbs. per acre.
How much water does Smarter Sesame need?
Smarter Sesame needs as little as 5 inches of irrigation to achieve profitable yields. Equinom recommends irrigation of up to 12 inches for optimum results.
What kind of weed control do I need?
We have pre- and post-emergency weed control programs for irrigated and dryland fields
What pests are common to Smarter Sesame?
Cutworms, armyworms and leaf rollers are common to sesame. They can be controlled easily by scouting and applying the right insecticide.
Will Equinom help me grow Smarter Sesame?
Of course! Our agronomy experts who specialize in sesame will help you every step of the way!
How do I sign up?
Contact us at 833-373-7263 and we’ll help you get started!
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