Inspired by nature.
Empowered by technology.

Equinom brings out the best in nature, breeding quality, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients that have it all in a single source: mild flavor, ideal texture, higher protein, and additional traits that satisfy consumer desire for delicious, healthy, and sustainable food.
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Supplying appealing plant sources that will lead alt protein into the future

As the world's growing population increases our reliance on plant-based foods, manufacturers are working overtime to develop appealing options. With our unique capabilities to develop an abundance of better source ingredients, Equinom is revolutionizing the process and enabling ingredient and food companies to develop delicious plant-based products like never before.

A better way to formulate food – and make it delicious, too

With traditional ingredients, food scientists and chefs must jump through hoops trying to replicate the flavors and textures of meat and dairy. Generally, this requires heavy processing and additives that increase costs and run counter to clean label and sustainability objectives.

In contrast, Equinom ingredients have the desired traits bred into the seeds, which eliminate the need for long and complicated ingredient decks. High protein? Low viscosity? Water soluble? Neutral flavor? We work with our partners to understand their needs and develop smarter ingredients from the ground up, customized for their unique applications – naturally.  

With our agricultural know-how and deep tech, the possibilities are endless.

Yellow pea

From appetizers to desserts, and all in between, yellow peas are the rising stars of alternative protein. We offer the industry’s first non-GMO pea protein ingredient that is both high in protein (70%) and processed sustainably and naturally in a non-isolate form. It provides exceptional taste, texture and function with minimal processing, reduced sodium, and lower cost than the pea protein isolates it can replace.


Equinom introduces next-gen, domestically grown, non-GMO soybeans, opening up a whole new world of flavor and nutrition. This protein powerhouse is incredibly versatile and the driving force behind some of the best meat and dairy replacements yet.


A staple in cuisines across the world, this oil-rich, drought-resistant crop is widely regarded as a superfood. Equinom developed sesame seeds that are naturally higher in protein and machine harvestable for deliciously creamy, nutritious, and
eco-friendly products consumers love.

Protein Powerhouses

With a massive database of seeds, we’re hard at work developing additional protein-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients to power a more sustainable and accessible plant-based future. Coming soon: Equinom chickpeas, mung beans, quinoa, cowpeas and fava beans – to make your favorite foods even more delectable.

Equinom is cropping up around the world

Our partners in North America and other parts of the world are growing Equinom proprietary crops today, to supply the next generation of delicious, nutritious and eco-friendly plant-based foods.

North American map with regions growing Equinom ingredients such as pea, fava bean, chickpea, soybean, cowpea and mung bean

North American growing locations:
1. Canada:
Pea and Fava bean 2. Northern USA: Pea and Chickpea 3. Midwestern USA: Soybean 4. Southern USA: Cowpea and Mung bean

With Equinom ingredients,
the proof is in the pudding!

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