Deep tech meets
Mother Nature

Equinom Manna™ is helping revolutionize the plant-based food industry
by tackling key challenges – at the source.
Equinom soybeans, chick peas and peas – in and out of their pods.Equinom soybeans, chick peas and peas – in and out of their pods.Equinom soybeans, chick peas and peas – in and out of their pods.

With consumer demand for plant-based foods far exceeding supply of quality ingredients, Equinom harnesses cutting-edge technology to lend nature a helpful hand. Our proprietary Manna™ platform uses artificial intelligence to develop premium-quality, high-yield, non-GMO ingredients naturally – in half the time of traditional crop development cycles.  

By partnering with Equinom, food companies can innovate like never before – satisfying consumer desire for delicious, nutritious, affordable and sustainable plant-based foods.

Superior next-gen ingredients: Designed by Manna™, bred by nature

The Manna™ platform combines the best of both worlds: disruptive patented technology and tried-and-true natural farming practices. By analyzing millions of seeds in our proprietary database, Manna™ predicts the ideal breeding combinations to develop smarter ingredients at record speeds. The result is high-quality ingredients that are custom-designed to meet our customers’ exact specifications – so they can produce the most satisfying plant-based foods yet.

Six-step flow of the Equinom ingredient-development process: from requirements to use in plant-based foods

Another Manna™ success story: PepsiCo/Sabra hummus

When Sabra came to Equinom seeking higher quality, locally grown, non-GMO sesame for their beloved hummus – Manna™ delivered.  

Sabra logoPepsiCo logo
A hand dipping pita into a bowl of appetizing sesame-rich hummus.

Sabra requested high-quality sesame that could be locally grown and machine harvested.

Equinom scientist in the Innovation Center evaluating sesame-ingredient biochemical traits to meet sensory requirements

Manna™ determined biochemical traits to meet sensory requirements and recommended optimal seeds to cross-breed from millions of options.

A farmer removing shatter-resistant Equinom sesame seeds from their large-sized pod and holding them in his hand

Equinom bred and validated several lines of sesame seeds.

The R&D team reviewing test data to select the ingredient line with the best performance

Sabra R&D tested each line and selected one variety with the best performance.

EQUINOM Sesame field

The optimized sesame was grown and machine harvested in the US and milled into paste.

Sabra hummus

Sabra uses the superior sesame paste in hummus and sources all sesame using Equinom specs.

An Equinom scientist in the Innovation Center testing the company’s non-GMO ingredients
envisioning a simpler plant-based future

Creating non-GMO ingredients
that multi-task

With the computational power of Manna™, a massive seed library, and a deep understanding of plant genomics and biochemistry, Equinom has food manufacturers rethinking what’s possible. We deliver highest quality, formulation-friendly ingredients, made to order – with a highly accelerated time to market.

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